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Grays Best

February/March 2006 Print

Volume Thirty-One
Issue 1

6 Looned Sometimes your biggest fish is a bird. by David Foster
8 Fly on the Line We face the river that flows toward us-smoothly, gracefully, at peace. by Carly Furry
12 Beast A photographic journal. by Dusan Smetana
18 Dead End When all the great spots are posted. by James Wu
25 In The Spirit of the Nez Perce Steelheading the Wallowas. by Pramila Jayapal
30 Wild Apaches A photographic journal. by Ron Dungan
36 Char Fiasco III The perils of northen rivers, vegetarian salad bars and problems you can't throw money at. by John Hewitt
40 Shoalies Of hellgrammites, exact imitation and divine retribution. by O. Victor Miller
43 Don Juan of the San Juan From Genesis to Gilgamesh, creation stories abound. Including this one. by Elizabeth Folwell
46 The Lady's First 'Bow A photographic journal. by David Foster
50 They're Just Shad Rivers of fish and other reminders of something many fly fishers forgot. by Scott Sadil
53 Gonzo Fly Fishing In praise of pursuing the great whatever. by E. Donnall Thomas Jr
56 Traditions: The Lady or the Salmon? by John Krider Edited by Will Ryan
58 Rainbow Lake Delight A photographic journal. by Dale C. Spartas
64 Recipe: Cooking Fish the Laotian Way Hors d'oeuvres for the letters-to-the-editor set. by A.D. Livingston
68 Art: Angling the Year-round with Rodger McPhail. From the Tweed to the deep-blue sea. by Brooke Chilvers
71 Angling: All things Bright and Beautiful. Trolling the aisles at fly fishing's little Woodstock. by James R. Babb
73 Shooting: Gold Standard. Will Ruger's side-by-side stay the right gun at the right price? by Terry Wieland
92 Expeditions: Romancing the Falls. With Atlantic salmon, forget science and focus on the sentiment. by James R. Babb
126 Books: Getting in the Mood. by Christopher Camuto
128 Waterfall A poem by Carol Farkas
75 The Listing
125 People, Places, and Equipment

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