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Grays Best

September/October 2007

Volume Thirty-Two
Issue 5

6 The Power of the Dog To win a New World: four months, 150 people, and 400 dogs by Stephen Bodio
14 Lament of the Nimrod The call of the wild, the heart of the hunter, the incense from the guy pile. by Pete Bodo
20 Undisclosed Locale A photographic journal. by Dale C. Spartas
27 Burying Old Jessie She was the love we thought she'd be. by John Hewitt
30 Angle of Repose Where's the sport? Where's the challenge? by Walt Prothero
34 Nine-Tenth Broken Facing new frontiers through the self-imposed challenge. by John Becker
42 Bonding A photographic journal by Denver Bryan
48 John Marlin, Accidental Riflemaker America's "Favorite" lever action is now America's Only. by Terry Wieland
52 Stones in the River Alexander the Great had one. So does the boy with the Scooby-Doo rod. by Langdon Cook
58 Golden Fall Fishing across the world and back, where the angler studies to be quiet. by Jim Repine
66 Kola Time A photographic journal. by Yngve Ask
73 Traditions: A Lion Drive. by John T. McCutcheon. Edited by Will Ryan
81 Nine-finger Slow and steady gets you there, with help from the Scourge of the Waipiti Nation. by Pete Fromm
87 Huns Desperadoes waiting for the train, birds, a ninth-inning rally, a good doese of Dragon-Fodder. by Chris Dombrowski
90 First Snow A photographic journal. by Gary Kramer
96 Shooting: That Kind of Day It was the best of days, it was the worst...Just ask the dog. by Terry Wieland
102 Angling: The Ultimate Innovation. Think Olds and Ford, not Walton and Halford. by James R. Babb
108 Art: Peter Hofer. The hunting gun as art. by Brooke Chilvers
109 Recipie: Cooking Irish. Stew with stout, Dublin coddle with hard cider, and coffee with whiskey. by A.D. Livingston
160 Expeditions: October Caddis In a world unto itself, California's McCloud and Sacramento go one better. by Ed Engle
190 Books: Blood & Memory. by Christopher Camuto
192 Late Fall on the Klutina River A poem by John E Smelcer
159 People, Places, and Equipment
172 The Listing

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