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Grays Best

May/June 2007 Print

Volume Thirty-Two
Issue 3

4 Woodsman! Woodsman! Cheaper than psychotherapy, and with fewer side effects than Prozac. by E. Donnall Thomas Jr.
10 Dark Water A photographic journal. by Barry & Cathy Beck
18 Stalking Glory The boy, the black sheep, and the gobbler too smart to kill. by H. William Rice
22 A Hundred Million Fishes The fort was where you got all the answers, or forgot all the questions. by Carly Furry
30 Reyonolds the Fisherman A boy and is preconceptions soon are parted. by John J. Larson
34 The Rising A photographic journal by Gary Kramer
39 William Cullen Bryant's Choke-Boring Problems Vainly the fowler marks to do thee wrong. by John Hewitt
47 The Mayfly Hatch It was a hard place to make a living, and an impossible place to forget. by Ron Dungan
52 En Garde A photographic journal. by Ronald C. Modra
57 Extremes The South Texas weather report: the bottom of the ninth, two outs, and no runners on base. by Tosh Brown
58 Angling: The Sot-Weed Factor The puff that pauses, refreshes-and very often catches (and worse). by James R. Babb
62 Traditions: The Fallacies of "Roughing It" by Robert Dunn Edited by Will Ryan
68 Rib Eyes in the Sky A photographic journal. by John Juracek
74 Angling: Great Expectation If you can't eat the one you love, eat the one you're with. by James R. Babb
78 Art: Simon Combes The ultimate price of art. by Brooke Chilvers
83 Shooting: One Shot Skills. More lessons from Darkest A. by Terry Wieland
89 Recipie: Where the Wild Blueberry Grows. Hucklyberry fool and sopchoppy flapjacks. by A.D. Livingston
120 Expeditions: How to Catch an Angler. In the Bighorns, a family gets caught but not released. by David C. Foster
150 Books: Terrific Combinations by Christopher Camuto
152 Grandpa's Lesson. A poem. by Ray A. March
131 People, Places, and Equipment
132 The Listing
149 Letters

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