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My Life as a Dog Print E-mail

Lie down with arctic char and get up with hip dysplasia.
by James R. Babb
From the November/December 2008 issue.

After the usual uneventful flight from Montreal, we left Kuujjuaq, Nunavik, in a low-flying Air Inuit Twin Otter containing an assortment of middle-aged humanity serenely observing the scenery and three young bird dogs frantic to hang their heads out the windows and inhale it.

Summertime Ducks Print E-mail

A photographic journal.
by Brian Grossenbacher

“My health is better in November,” is how Havilah Babcock put it back in 1947. And no wonder: It’s duck season—the most wonderful time of the year no matter what the Christmas carol says.

Messing with Texas Bass Print E-mail

A photographic journal.
by Barry and Cathy Beck

If Atlantic salmon are the king of fish and brook trout the crown prince, then largemouth bass are the barroom brawlers...

Blackberry Steelhead Print E-mail

It’s the cool of autumn along the Oregon coast, and after a hot summer the fish are looking up.
by John Larison

About when the wild blackberries drip their sweet purple honey onto the emerald leaves below, and the east winds sweep off the Cascades carrying the stoning smell over my little Willamette Valley town, we know it’s time to take a day off. Summer steelhead, in the rivers since May or June, will finally emerge from their heat-induced comas and take our dry flies.

Thumbs Print E-mail

Sooner or later you’ll tire of hunting. You’ll wish for something gamer.
by Matthew Null

With intricate motions of his hands, Loyal scratches out a spare cadence with slate and bone, calling a flock of turkeys roosting on a saddle between twin mountains. The trees are a maidenhead swath overlooked by the survey in 1885, a rare place where men go missing. Loyal watches the flat below and wonders when the saws will come, wonders if and when they’ll round up a lynch mob.

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