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Gael Force Print E-mail
Almosting a Macnab in the Western Isles of Scotland.
by David Profumo   
From the 2009 Expeditions & Guides Annual.

Although I know in advance that five hours crouched in its driving seat will make my wedding tackle feel like it’s been stuck in a food processor,...
Hiding in Plain Sight Print E-mail

On the Menominee River, between Wisconsin and the U.P., the gamest fish that swims swims almost unmolested.
Article & Photography by Tom Davis
From the 2009 Expeditions & Guides Annual.

Bart Landwehr looked stricken. The grinning Huck Finn boyishness had vanished; you’d have thought someone shot his dog.

Pilgrims Print E-mail
There’s more to Thanksgiving than Norman Rockwell’s Freedom from Want. There’s also poetic justice.
by Rich Chiappone
From the November/December 2008 issue.

It was Thanksgiving and we were 16, and Eddy V. was going to have his father’s Malibu for the whole long weekend. This meant we could hunt anywhere on the planet that had roads and gas stations. And liquor stores.
Through Mist Thrown Up by Breakers Print E-mail
There are times when a man’s life changes, and that hour and that minute will sneak right up on you.
by Roger Pinckney
From the November/December 2008 issue.

We were hanging just outside the surf line, trying to figure a way ashore, me and Hampy in a 14-foot skiff. The motor blubbered, the boat pitched, and the swells rolled gentle and greasy, the way they do when the bottom comes up slow.
Haircuts at Delilah’s Print E-mail
Wherein we learn practically nothing about Philistines and quite a bit about duck hunters, with a little help from Judges and Cecil B. DeMille.  
by T. C. Jennings
From the November/December 2008 issue.

The afternoon before the duck opener found me 500 miles from home sitting in Delilah’s Style Shop observing a ritual I had practiced for many years. Knowing a month of hunting was soon to start, I always sneaked in a haircut the day before I disappeared into the marsh.
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