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King of the Amazon Print E-mail
A photographic essay.
by Denver Bryan
From the April 2009 Issue

Got to love fishing out of a place called Royal Amazon. Got to love fishing for peacock bass, as close
to the king of fly-rod fish as 
you’ll find.
Rut Print E-mail

A photographic journal.
by Denver Bryan
From the February/March 2009 issue

We’d glimpsed the big buck in the summer, briefly materializing from the 
cottonwoods along the
creek bottom. 

One Shot, One Bird Print E-mail

A photographic journal.
by Russell Graves
From the February/March 2009 issue

Opening weekend for Rio Grande turkey, a bit of winter still holding tight to the Texas Panhandle.
One day free to hunt.

The Longing Print E-mail

When your fist date is a coon hunt, you’re in for a life of moaning up a tree.
by H. William Rice
From the February/March 2009 issue

In my world, coon hunters were a breed apart. Perhaps it was because they hunted in the night. Perhaps it was the dogs, those dangle-eared hounds that could cost a thousand dollars or more but looked like they lived under the front porch of a shotgun house..

Quality Deer Print E-mail
Is it a rack, a weight, a score-breaker for the videos? Or a winter’s meat, a tradition, an unending tie to the life-filled land.
by Chad Mason
From the February/March 2009 issue

After a long stretch of bitter cold, a southwesterly breeze finally brought the temperature above freezing, and the unobstructed sun made every solid thing feel warmer than the air.
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