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Mafioso Cooking

Safehouse pasta with striped bass, zuppa di Pesce, shrimp Mosca, and notes on slicing the garlic exquisitely.
by A. D. Livingston

One of my favorite short culinary works, The Mafia Cookbook, was written by mobster snitch Joseph “Joe Dogs” Iannuzzi while on the lam under a witness-protection program. One of his recipes called for thinly sliced garlic. How thin?


Jaguar guapote, snakehead, peacock bass, and other exotic culinary surprises.
by A. D. Livingston

For better or worse, all manner of foreign fish have been loosed in North American waters. Some were stocked by various state fish and game commissions, but most, I suspect, got dumped out of home aquariums or escaped from fish farms serving the pet trade.


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