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Photographic Journals
Tom, Meet Jake

A photographic journal.
by Denver Bryan
From the May/June 2008 issue.

The theory of decoying big dominant toms using imitation jakes might have come from observing nature...

Triple Play!

A photographic journal.
by Dale C. Spartas
From the May/June 2008 issue.

Sixty miles south from the sixtieth parallel. Spruce and fir and tamarack. Moose and wolves, the aurora

Hidden Jewels

A photographic journal.
by Denver Bryan & Billy De Jong
From the April 2008 issue.

They’re fly fishing’s little jewels, sometimes secreted in the back of beyond, sometimes hidden in plain sight. Small streams. Always beckoning, whatever the setting.

Deep in the Amazon

A photographic journal.
by R. Valentine Atkinson
From the April 2008 issue.

We all know about peacock bass even if we’ve never caught one. The world’s most beautiful and
belligerent freshwater gamefish. Smashers of plugs. Destroyers of tackle. Contenders atop the
food chain with caimans and crocodiles and who knows what else in the dark and murky waters
of the world’s largest river flowing through the world’s largest rainforest.

A Taste of Walnut

Article & Photography by Terry Wieland
What’s involved in stocking your dream.
From the February/March 2008 issue.

Figure. Grain. Symmetry. Strength. Marblecake, fiddleback, feather-crotch burl. Slab-sawn, quartersawn, heartwood, sapwood. English and French, Turkish, and Circassian.

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