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In Defense of "The Movie"

Why blaming Brad Pitt for crowded trout streams is just plain wrong.
by Dennis King
From the April 2008 issue.

I am haunted by movies. For 20 years, when I was a full-time film critic at the daily newspaper in Tulsa, Oklahoma, movies were my passionate vocation. And since fly fishing and reading were my equally passionate avocations, it came by grace that one particular movie, drawn from a stately novella sacred to trout fishers all, should stand out among the thousands I waded through and reviewed.

Bad Thinking

by O. Victor Miller
There’s nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so, at least if you believe Hamlet and not the dogs—or the bonefish.
From the February/March 2008 issue.

Every dozen steps we flush a stingray, which rise from the silty bottom and fly off like gray moths the size of dinner plates. Agustín, my guide, has told me to wear my chews and shuffle my feet, but the waterlogged Docksiders are abbreviating my breath, wearing me down. I’m soaked to the crotch in tepid water and from crotch to cowlick in sweat.

Buying Rifles in Twenty Minutes or Less

by John Hewitt
Along with speculations on child rearing, modern technology, left versus right, and matters of national security.
From the February/March 2008 issue.

While I’m no fan of technology—for all I care the process could have stopped in 1898 with the Model 98 Mauser—sometimes the telephone ringing turns out to be something good. Not so often that I’ll ever own a cell phone, mind you; these and television I’ll outlaw as soon as someone puts me in charge.


by Rick Bass 
Disappearing deeper into the hunt with each passing failure, each passing gift.
From the November/December 2007 issue.


Roger's War by Thomas Rushmore

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