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Quail, Dogs, & Grandmothers

Teaching the kids to hunt and other touchstones of Southern Living.
by O. Victor Miller
From the August 2009 Issue

It helps to know that grandmothers are still in charge in the Deep South, that hunting bobwhite quail is still a rite of passage,..

Me and 
My Doubles

Strolling down Life's Avenue
by Robin Lacy

From the August 2009 Issue

My memories of double guns predate my actual ownership. The first time I saw a shotgun was during the Eisenhower administration.

Silver Beach
The riches of salmon fishing, or how to stop worrying and avoid 
a real job.
by Langdon Cook
From the May/June 2009 Issue

In August, without any sort of gainful employment to speak of and with little desire to find any, I gave myself over to the salt.
Rusty's Big Pike Adventure
So a weasel and a toad and a wet one and a ringleader and a little princess get into a boat.
then things got interesting.

Article & Illustration by Bob White
From the May/June 2009 Issue

It was late June, still spring in Alaska, and the soft twilight had lingered long past midnight when I found Rusty sitting alone next to an unlit fire,...
Juice and Joy

Of bassboats and guides, both tour and fishing, make thy choice, and worthy the winning.
by O. Victor Miller
From the May/June 2009 Issue

“Is it a swamp hare or a cottontail?”

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