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Fish Tale

Grendel, Leviathan, rainbow kraken; elixir of golden truth or corncob calumet?
by O. Victor Miller
From the March/April 2012 Issue

“Whoa! That’s a real by-god Native American person down there by that waterfall.”

Opening Morning

In the deer stand, we remember how much of life’s richness exists in memory and anticipation.     
by Ron Rindo
From the September/October 2011 Issue

 It’s difficult to communicate the joy I feel seated alone in the darkness of northern Wisconsin on the third Saturday of November.


A Pine Marten Ate Lord Jim

Wherein is discovered the restorative power of literature—on the menu, in the tent, in the dizzying  heights of the tree stand.
by Kurt Cox
From the September/October 2011 Issue

Getting an epic-sized backpack and myself deep into the wilderness is pure muscle memory, because I’m sure not in bear-hunting condition.

Expeditions: In the Fortress of the Bear

Mind travels in Southeast Alaska.
article and photography by Terry Wieland
From the September/October 2011 Issue

As the Alaskan Grandeur slowly worked her way down the east side of Admiralty Island, I stood on deck in the lee of the bridge, sheltering from the rain, peering through the mist. 

Expeditions: The Haight and the Ashbury

A trip to Kodiak Island to catch a silver, see a bear, and recollect Old Times.
by John Gierach
From the May/June 2011 Issue

Every location on earth has its unique morning sounds.

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