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Author Biographies
James R. Babb

James R. Babb grew in a family of lunatic-fringe fly fishermen in the East Tennessee hills, and moved to Maine in 1972 after reading too much Thoreau. He worked as a commercial lobster fisherman, a truck driver, and a freelance writer on sporting and maritime topics before joining International Marine Publishing as an acquisitions editor in 1988, later co-founding the outdoor imprint, Ragged Mountain Press, after IM’s acquisition by McGraw-Hill. In 1994 he went looking for more time to fish, and found a position as Editor at Large with The Lyons Press and as maritime-books advisor to W. W. Norton & Co. He became Gray’s Sporting Journal’s first angling columnist in 1995, and has been its editor since 1997. The author of the essay collections Crosscurrents: A Fly Fisher’s Progress; River Music: A Fly Fisher’s Four Seasons; and Fly-Fishin’ Fool: The Adventures, Misadventures, and Outright Idiocies of a Compulsive Angler, he lives in midcoast Maine, where he writes, fishes obsessively, and hopes to last long enough to finish the house he and his wife began building in 1979. He is the author of Crosscurrents, River Music, and Fly-Fishing Fool, all of which are available at

A.D. Livingston

A. D. Livingston claims to have hop-scotched through life. Born and raised on a farm. Navy at 17. Mechanical engineering at Auburn University. Atomic bombs at Oak Ridge. Creative writing at University of Alabama. Missiles and rockets at Huntsville. Published a novel about poker and played poker more or less professionally. Travel Editor at Southern Living. Freelance writing and outdoor photography. Word Man for bait-casting rods and reels with Lew Childre, the Speed-Spool man and genius of modern bait-casting gear. Bought the family farm. Lost the back forty publishing Bass Fishing News. Lost the rest of the farm manufacturing fishing lures. Back to freelancing. Published 20 some-odd books. For the past 16 years--the sweetest of all, he claims -- he has been the foods columnist for Gray's Sporting Journal. What in his previous work experience qualifies him for this position? Nothing whatsoever. He hates to work, but he loves to cook and eat fish and game -- and he loves to write about it his way. You can find a number of AD's culinary titles at

Brooke Chilvers
At 17, Brooke Chilvers broke into her piggy bank and moved to Paris to study art history, and ended up in Germany as the only Amerikanerin pursuing a degree in Naturwissenschaft – natural science. During a yearlong camping trip she learned to catch a fish, shoot a gun, paddle a canoe, and build a campfire.  Her outdoor skills and willingness to go anywhere made her the perfect target for French professional hunter Rudy Lubin, who operates in the Central African Republic. Brooke used her pen to become a full-fledged member of the hunting community, writing about game management, conservation, and wildlife art, traveling to wherever the story took her.

“With Gray’s, each column requires a gathering together of every aspect of my life experience.” Brooke’s goal is to expose readers to the countless wonderful works that are often overlooked because they are labeled sporting art.

Brooke is a vice president of the International Professional Hunters Association (IPHA), an Honorary Member of the African Professional Hunters Association (APHA), a member of the IUCN Antelope Specialist Group, and a winner of the Journalist Award for the Professional Hunters Association of South Africa (PHASA).  She is also the editor of African Sporting Gazette.

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